About Us

Whimsical Lace is a dream come true from a pair of mother and daughter who love fashion and design. We create dreamy, whimsical garments. Each of our garments is carefully handmade with love by my mother in Indonesia. My mother is a self-taught seamstress with over 30 years of experience.


At Whimsical Lace, we believe in fair trade labor. We are currently a team of a mother and daughter who get paid fair wages. As our garments are made by one craftswoman, we could only accept and produce a small number of orders for each batch. Our production process involves us, the fabric, and the sewing machine. No mass production, no sweatshop.


Most of the fabrics used for our garments contain synthetic fibers. By purchasing, you will be saving an animal. We try to incorporate vintage and discontinued fabrics in our production process in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Besides that, we make every garment to order, which reduces waste and the need for inventory. Our sustainability effort reflects on our packaging as well by incorporating as many reusable compostable elements as possible. We include a reusable pouch made out of satin fabric with every order. 

Slow Fashion

We do not have big collections, nor do we release new styles every season. Instead, we release new styles and colorways once every other month, which are mostly based on previous customer's orders. Most of our fabrics and laces are also discontinued.